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Welcome to Happy.

We launched our spaces in local areas so you can work close to home, connect and collaborate with others. There’s plenty happening out there in our local communities; great people, activities, event and exciting businesses.

Anything can happen, we’ve seen it.

At Happy, we're dedicated to community wellbeing, here's a few reasons why we do what we do;

* Working close to home is proven to make you happier

* Community connection and belonging is fundamental to your wellbeing

* Big things happen in small spaces. We base our spaces on optimal community sizes, because it's proven to create quality relationships, collaboration and new opportunities

Join a connected, inspiring and collaborative group of locally and globally experienced professionals. You’ll be amazed at the individuals, organisations, community and opportunities that come from working at Happy Spaces. Oh, and another thing, our community really know how to balance work and play.

Community Ventures

We create and collaborate on projects that inspire positive community evolution and wellbeing

While our local coworking spaces our the core of what we do, we also create and collaborate on projects that inspire positive evolution and wellbeing;

  • Community engagement and wellbeing projects
  • Event programs and activities that fuel innovation and wellbeing
  • Purposeful local and global ventures that reflect our values

If you’re passionate about creating thriving, sustainable communities and and have a project to collaborate on, let’s chat.

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Work close to home. Make friends. Collaborate. We love creating connected communities.

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