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Monday 21 January, 2019

Hello everyone,

In May 2016, I was sitting by myself in our first empty space in Hampton…



I really hope people want to work close to home in their local communities. I’m the founder of Happy Spaces. So, thank you all, genuinely, for all joining me and making this community what it is. I spend most of my time between the spaces and home on the south west coast of Victoria.

I grew up in great small communities all around Australia, finally settling in Victoria. Prior to launching Happy, I worked in a variety of large local and global organisations in strategy, brand and marketing. In December 2015 I launched Happy Brands, followed by Happy Spaces in June 2016.

My passion is creating spaces and places that connect people and cultivate community wellbeing. I’m continuously inspired by the stories that emerge from our communities, and love to hear about them.

I’m a community maker, purpose finder, wellbeing champion and founder of Happy Spaces, a growing ecosystem of local suburban and regional B-Corp coworking and community spaces (Hampton, Black Rock and Torquay) with a focus on cultivating local connections, belonging and wellbeing.

In addition to our B-Corp certification, Happy Spaces are ambassadors for Gross National Happiness, a holistic and sustainable approach to development, which balances material and non-material values with the conviction that humans want to search for happiness.

In September this year, I’ll be leading a two week Himalayan pilgrimage to the Economics of Happiness conference, amidst the awe-inspiring landscape and community of Ladakh, grounding participants in the need for locally based, community minded economies and the scalable impact of this vision.

Here’s what I ‘do’, but mostly I love connecting people and creating opportunities for friendship, collaboration and creating energy around ideas I believe in, particularly, creating wellbeing in community.

  • Creating Community Spaces, Events, Ventures and Projects
  • Helping individuals and organisations discover and define Purpose, Mission and Values
  • Wellbeing Development and Measurement (Global Gross National Happiness Practitioner)
  • Uncovering Behavioural Strengths for Individuals or Teams (DISC Accredited Practitioner)
  • Developing Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Talks, Workshops and Facilitation

I’m always up for a chat if you want to catchup.


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