Jonathan Reeve

Monday 01 April, 2019

I’m fortunate to be considered a specialist in the world of retail strategy, digital disruption and e-commerce.

Retailers across three continents have hired me as a consultant, operations leader, and strategist, to help them master the art of creating the ultimate customer experience.

Helping improve people’s lives in ways that have never before been possible is something I’m deeply passionate about. My work lies at the intersection of strategic analysis and operational implementation in the fast-changing world of retail.

I draw on seventeen years of experience with retailers of all descriptions (department stores, supermarkets, pure-play online and omni-channel).

I believe in:

  • the power of combining the consultant’s ability to solve complex challenges with the operational leader’s ability to turn strategy into reality.
  • the importance of engaging your front-line teams who’ll deliver the service to customers.
  • the need to start with your customers to understand the long-term shifts in your sector.

While I’ve enjoyed an excitingly diverse and rewarding career, there are several moments of which I’m most proud.

These include leading a project to define the online operating model for, helping it become the world’s largest and most profitable online retail grocer.

Another was managing a London-based supermarket, which became the top performer out of more than 600 superstores for both online product availability and employee morale.

Today, I’m focused on helping Australian and New Zealand retailers thrive in an age of digital disruption.

Check out my website on and sign-up for my newsletter. Or get in touch with me via LinkedIn or I’d love to hear from you.

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