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Ash Buchanan

Tuesday 28 May, 2019

Ash is a collaborator whose passions span the areas of wellbeing, leadership and regeneration. His work is informed by a love for the natural world, and for bringing people and place closer together. He is a Happy Spaces friend, collaborator and joint program facilitator for the Economics of Happiness pilgrimage.

Born and bred in Melbourne, Ash is an avid adventurer, spending a few months every year in the great outdoors, hiking, camping and playing in the wilderness. Initially, the motivation for his trips was purely personal. Overtime, however, Ash began to see nature as a mentor, perhaps even as the ultimate teacher, and wondered about what wisdom the natural world had to share about creating communities of happiness and wellbeing.

Today, Ash draws on this time tested wisdom to inform his wellbeing practice. He is the founder of Cohere, a wellbeing design consultancy. He also leads the development of Benefit Mindset, an initiative used by schools and organisations around the world to create results that serve the wellbeing of all.

As the wellbeing facilitator of the pilgrimage, Ash will draw on practices such as ‘Theory U’ to take participants on a journey from “ego-system awareness” to “eco-system awareness.” This will include a range of presencing activities specially attuned to the spectacular natural settings we will be journeying through.

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