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Karen Monaghan

Monday 27 July, 2020

In 2019 I landed my dream role, CEO of KidNest, a clever and simple concept, now a business, with “the potential to shift the Australian economy”. In this role I am learning as fast as a newborn as I flex my diverse skills – leadership, strategic and creative direction, experiential marketing, producing and quality management, and combine them with my passion, energy, network and ability to influence, to land our Pilot Program in City of Port Phillip in August 2020. Phew – yep it’s an exciting and wild ride right now as I work with a passionate team that are producing work as fast as I can land the cashola to pay them. It’s a cracking pace and I’m loving it. KidNest is a subscription-based solution for creating local childminding ‘villages’. Using the app, families find or create Nests with other ‘like-minders’ in their area, and take turns caring for the kids in the Nest on a rostered basis. After pre-approval checks (e.g., Working With Children Check (including National Criminal Check), and Safety Checks on the home environment — parents share the load of childminding between them, freeing them the rest of the week to work, study or play. And with a huge library of educational resources and support, easy messaging and planning tools in the app, and insurance — KidNest becomes the smartest way to mind your kids and your money. Torquay is my new home, via a 6-month stint in the Republic of WA (don’t talk to me about closed borders), having lived in Melbourne most of my life. I’m really enjoying my time here and looking forward to meeting all you Happy Spacers and learning from you too – business, local haunts, surfing skills, all tips welcome.

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