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Our Online Business Community

Our Happy Locals online community and network are a connected, inspiring and collaborative group of locally and globally experienced individuals. Now you can connect, learn and collaborate no matter where you are.

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Community Calls

Join us LIVE every Tuesday, 10:30am to connect and collaborate with each other and learn from our local and international guest speakers. Everyone is welcome. Just click and join.

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Business Stories

Behind every thriving business is the story of inspiration, inception, learnings and triumphs. Listen to the stories of great local business dedicated to community, wellbeing and sustainability and the journeys of the key people behind them.

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Happy Locals Online Community

Connect, learn and collaborate with local and global businesses no matter where you are

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This Week / Sarita & Maxime

This week we have our first duo, mother and daughter Sarita and Max who are partners in business and life coaching.

Maximum You

Last Week / Chris, Yoke Yoga

Chris guides us through simple, connected meditation and mindfulness techniques that anyone can practise, every day.

Yoke Yoga

Host / Matty, Happy Spaces

Matty’s mission is to creating spaces that connect and cultivate community wellbeing.
He’s inspired by the stories that emerge from our communities, and loves championing great people and businesses.

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