Economics of Happiness Pilgrimage

Event Date: March 19, 2020 8:00 am
Event Location: Byron Bay

Join us for an eight day inner and outer journey amongst the abundant coastal and hinterland landscape and communities of the Byron Bay and Northern Rivers Area.

Participants will experience a deep connection to self, others and nature experiencing local community, enterprise, economy, ecology and environment and underpinned by a connection, mindfulness and wellbeing program.

The pilgrimage will be anchored in the context of the Economics of Happiness conference and beliefs, which will be the platform for participant inspiration and education.

The conference (March 20 – 22) will be the starting point and prevailing context for the pilgrimage, grounding participants in the need for locally based, community-minded economies and the scalable impact of this vision.

This program will advocate and support the teachings of the EOH conference and global organiser of the event, Local Futures and also the holistic values of Gross National Happiness.

It will be facilitated by Matty Lawrence and Ash Buchanan.


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